The Woodbag

Walter Wittmann has achieved a great success with his years of development of a UV-resistant 4-net woodbag.

Our company repackmuch e.U. is the point of contact when it comes to the storage, drying and transport of logs. Since 2006, we have been producing oven-ready logs in large quantities with two large Posch splitting machines.For this purpose, a so-called “Woodbag” for storage and drying of firewood has been developed over years. Out of this own need, repack much e.U was founded, which now supplies more than 2000 customers worldwide with different bag types.

The bag “Captain Flash“, produced since 2012, finds ripping sales because it has a 100% mosquito-net-share, a 10-loop system and extremely good workmanship that sets it apart from other competitors. Many new bags have been added over the years since we developed the first one. Since 2020 there is, e.g. the bag type “Admiral Maxximus“, which is openable even below despite 12 loops system.

Many larger firewood companies use our Woodbags, but also a lot of farmers or even private people order their bags in our shop. Approximately 70% of the bags are sold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, our customer base now extends as far as Japan, Australia, USA or Canada.

our process

All important steps for you from bottling to delivery of Woodbags.

1. filling

Zero% effort – 100% time savings

2. taking

The 4 long loops of the bag are made for it.

3. storage

The perfect storage and compliance with the drying time.

4. delivery

Fast delivery to any desired location.

our proucts

The Woodbags are currently available in five different types! Find out which one is best suited for your individual needs.

Corporal Bark Beetle

The “Corporal Bark Beetle” is our entry-level model with 4 loops. The mesh material is the same as with all our other bags. It has the largest filling volume and, unlike our other bags, is not matched to the dimensions of most trailers. So the bag is very voluminous. A low-cost bag that was intended for storage right next to production and is not necessarily transported further.

Captain Flash Simple

The new buddy “Captain Flash Simple”, is intended for all those who do not want to fill the bag a second time or leave it at the customer (also 2 times usable if you empty the logs again manually). A simple but reliable bag with 4 loops on top, which is mounted directly on the fork of the tractor or forklift.


Our standard bag sold over 100.000 of times for the quick filling of your logs. With a 10-loop-system he can be used for almost all applications (except floor flap).

Commander Titan

“Commander Titan” is extremely resilient, tough, robust – for the really hard use in your rough world. Maximum possible 12 loop system and loops sewn in to the middle, very- very hard-wearing. So to speak, the better “Captain Flash”.

Admiral Maxximus

In contrast to the “Commander Titan”, the “Admiral Maxximus” still has a bottom emptying plus integrated cover cap against rain and is therefore the most versatile. There is nothing more to do! With 2.6 kg net material weight, an extremely robust and versatile bag. The Rolls Royce under the Woodbags!

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