Advantage about Woodbags from repack much e.U

versatile & stable

Instead of expensive boxes, firewood is stored in woodbags. You accelerate the drying time of the wood considerably through the loose filling, which creates a lot of air space between the logs. The mesh fabric prevents mold and the wind flows continuously through the bag. The fresh wood dries reliably to 20% within 6 months. A drying chamber is unnecessary and the air drying in the bag is therefore more even.

Our Woodbags can be used in many ways and multiple times and are available in a wide variety of designs. Every log producer gets the ideal bag from us. Problem-free transport in trucks or trailers is made possible by the stable base of the bag. The lifting loops are very tear-resistant and can be lifted with a weight of up to 1000 kg. Buyers value the exact volume, which is guaranteed in each Woodbag. Woodbags by repack much e.U. are precisely matched in size to the trailer widths of 2.1 to 2.4 meters, so that two rows can also be loaded.

Most of the competitors have overlooked this fact, your bags are too wide and difficult to transport. Bags from repack much e.U. have a beige colored net to underline the wood color. Black net color suggests to the end customer firewood of inferior quality, an optical illusion, so to speak. We even paid attention to these little things when developing the bags.

space saving & manageable

For the end customer, bags are above all handy and space-saving. After emptying, there are no annoying boxes or pallets left.

Especially when storing the firewood, no expensive wooden shelters or shelves are necessary. In this respect, woodbags are often used today by both professionals and private individuals.

Highlights our Woodbags

    • Provides for a faster drying time of the wood and thus a faster handling possible
    • Mold-proof thanks to air-permeable fabric
    • Available in different sizes and designs
    • 1000 kg lifting force and tear-proof thanks to optimal lifting loop processing
    • Trouble-free transport and stability thanks to a stable base
    • Exact volume information in contrast to loose tipper delivery
    • Depending on the model, there is also an opening on the underside for direct emptying on the trailer
    • Handy and space-saving in the storage system
    • Avoidance of expensive lattice boxes or wooden boxes