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sustainability wood

We use wood every day for sustainable consumption. For example, as paper. Or wood is used for interior decoration in your own four walls, from the floor to individual pieces of furniture.

Due to the particularly well existing thermal insulation properties, it is very popular in many households. Wood plays a particularly important role in climate protection, as it binds CO2 from the air. Thus, wood can permanently absorb and store carbon dioxide.

responsible forestry

Wood grows in forests and is therefore available to us in sufficient quantities regionally. In addition, wood consumes only a fraction of the energy in production as opposed to other fuels.

However, one should be very careful about the origin of the wood, because only in this way can the primeval forests in the tropics be protected from deforestation. That is why we at repack much e.U. rely on responsible and sustainable forest management. According to the EU Regulation, the timber must be tested according to its legal origin before it is admitted to the internal market.

benefits of firewood

  • Wood binds Co2 out of the air, the same amount that it releases when burned, so it’s Co2 neutral. The biggest advantage over all fossil fuels such as .B oil, gas or coal.
  • Long-term storage and durability
  • Regionally available
  • Re-growing
  • Consumes only a fraction of energy during production as opposed to other fuels