Woodbag comparison

We have created a clear comparison folder for all Woodbags to find your personal Woodbag faster.

PDF to download Woodbag comparison.

advantage of our Woodbags

All our bags have the best mains quality and can be loaded up to 1000 kg. They have 4 fixed lifting loops on the top for easy lifting with forklifts or front loaders. All sides (also below) are designed with an air-permeable mesh, which prevents the formation of mold and drying takes place within 6 months. ALL our bags can do that, no matter what price range! In just one season (12 months), you can fill wet logs, let it dry for 6 months and then sell immediately as DRY with 20% residual moisture (with annual precipitation up to max. 1000 mm).

differences between Woodbags

The Commander Titan and Admiral Maxximus both have 4 bottom loops as opposed to the Corporal Bark Beetle, which, however, offers a larger filling volume compared to the other Woodbags. The Admiral Maxximus is the most versatile and is the only Woodbag with a bottom snap closure, so that the wood can be emptied from below.

Furthermore, he has an integrated cap against rain. The Corporal Bark Beetle has no hanging or bottom loops, but it has the largest empty dimensions and is also the cheapest. The Captain Flash Simple is slightly lower than the Captain Flash with its price, but with the 2 bottom loops and 4 hanging loops is the most used.

repack much e.U. is your Woodbag partner

Our company repack much e.U. is the point of contact when it comes to the storage, drying and transport of logs. Since 2006, we have been producing oven-ready logs in large quantities with two large Posch splitting machines. For this purpose, a so-called “Woodbag” for storage and drying of firewood has been developed over years. Out of this own need, repack much e.U was founded, which now supplies more than 2000 customers worldwide with different bag types.

The bag “Captain Flash”, produced since 2012, finds ripping sales because it has a 100% mosquito-net-share, a 10-loop system and extremely good workmanship that sets it apart from other competitors. Many new bags have been added over the years since we developed the first one. Since 2020 there is, e.g. the bag type “Admiral Maxximus”, which is openable even below despite 12 loops system.

Many larger firewood companies use our Woodbags, but also a lot of farmers or even private people order their bags in our shop. Approximately 70% of the bags are sold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, our customer base now extends as far as Japan, Australia, USA or Canada.

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