All important steps for you from filling to delivery of Woodbags.

1. filling


Whether you weld a simple metal frame for hanging the bag yourself or directly attach the bag to the forklift fork or to the fork of the front loader, the work relief compared to the arranging of firewood in a box saves you enormous time and physical effort.

Professionals even build a double shift sled that allows splitting without interruption. With our 8 loop system, the bags can be easily lifted out without risking injuries to the fingers.

Zero percent effort and 100% time savings.

2. taking of the hinges


By means of a special holder for the fork of the forklift or front loader, all 4 long loops of the bag can be mounted in the holder at once, of course it is also conventional.

Movable side tabs prevent unintentional hanging. Afterfilling, the special bag-holder can be placed without descending. Important: Place your bags on a disposable pallet and cover each individual bag with a silo foil to prevent against heavy rain and mold.

You can also get the cover film from us (in “Admiral Maxximus” a cover cap is already sewn as standard)

3. storage


Now the bag is drying and loses at least 200 kg of water in 6 months, even in rainy winters. When wet filling it was still about 675 kg.
Bags filled in November will weigh between 475 kg and 550 kg, at the beginning of May they reach the 20% limit for the quality “dry”.

From 450 kg hardwood content there’shardly any more weight loss and the wood compensates with the ambient humidity. It is recommended not to set more than 4 bags per row and then keep at least 1 meter distance to the next row of four. The bags in the upper row are placed between the lower ones, then stand well and stable (pyramids system on 16 bags below so come on top 9 bags).

Starting from June, you can already sell and deliver your firewood as dry. For storage areas which are in areas with more than 1000 mm of annual precipitation or are generally unfavourable, e.B. forest periphery, rivers, lakes, wind-protected locations ect. cannot, of course, apply this commitment. But 95% of all wood processors will not have these exceptional situations. If it does, then the drying time increases only by another 2 to 6 months.

4. delivery


Delivery is carried out with all possible variants, e.g. tractor, truck, car trailer, etc. Our own system, namely our plateau trailer with frame structure and shift slide – i.e. a running cat with a cable pull winch – has particularly prevailed. This trailer has its own power supply and up to 6 bags can be unloaded within 20 minutes.

With a special terrain pallet truckwe drive the bags for an extra charge up to the carport or into the customer’s garage. Dozens of entrepreneurs who buy our Woodbags wholesale have copied this successful system. Some also drive with tippers and loose delivery and use the bags only for filling and drying. Everyone as he likes.

The advantage of our system: Fast, agile, no truck necessary, no C- driver’s license required (in Austria), low maintenance costs, max. € 25.000.- costs for new trailers incl. complete construction, after that hardly any costs. The trailer can be ordered from us from 2021.

The trend clearly goes towards a customer-oriented delivery – this is clean, fast and with as little effort as possible, if the bag stays with the customer for the time being. Hundreds of our Woodbag buyers for example have introduced a deposit system with their customers and get the bags back for a second run. Also a very good method! Depending on the bag type, there are many options for delivery.