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Captain Flash Simple & One-Way

14,90  excl. VAT., 17,88  incl. VAT.

Finally throw away your boxes, lattice boxes and junk bags, because now comes Captain Flash Simple & One-Way! Our proven Captain Flash has a new buddy for the quick filling of your logs. The Captain Flash Simple & One-Way is for all those who do not want to fill the bag a second time or leave it at the customer's place. Therefore, it has only 4 upper loops for hanging and for transport, the lower loops are missing. ...

Corporal Bark Beetle

13,90  excl. VAT., 16,68  incl. VAT.

The new CORPORAL BARK BEETLE is here! Our affordable entry-level model for your log filling. The mesh material has the same quality as our more expensive bags. The four upper loops with a length of 40cm are sewn in. However, the CORPORAL BARK BEETLE has no bottom loops, no four extra hanging loops and no A4 plastic bag. The four upper loops are designed shorter than the other bags, namely 25cm. Furthermore, the bag has a ...

Captain Flash

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15,90  excl. VAT., 19,08  incl. VAT.

Our 100,000-fold proven standard bag for the fast filling of your logs. Finally throw away your boxes, lattice boxes and rust bags, because now comes Captain Flash! The Woodbag with dimensions 90x93x160 cm is made of high-quality prolypropylene (PP). The plastic bags each hold 1.5 BCM (un-finished wood) or 1m3 if the logs were settled. The footprint is 120×120 cm. A total of 10 loops on the woodbag make manipulating extremely easy: 4×20 cm upper loops for hanging, 4×30 cm upper loops ...